Songwriters: Angie Bohlke and Ina Earle

Production, Mixing, and Mastering: Clint Curtis, Sevenview Studios, Springdale, NL

Vocal Recording: Jason Whelan, The Sound Solution, St. John's, NL

Photography: Amber Elizabeth Photography, Placentia, NL

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Angie Bohlke

Country Artist, Placentia, NL, Canada

Angie Bohlke has spent almost all her life in Placentia, NL, where she grew up and still lives. As a child, Angie performed on stage with a solo spot in school concerts, community concerts and was a member of the church youth choir. In 2000, she began playing in cover bands around town and the surrounding areas, performing country, rock and traditional music. 

Angie grew up with musical influences such as Dolly Parton, Patty Loveless and Kenny Rogers, so it comes as no surprise that she has a passion for country music. She began writing her own original music a decade ago, songs reflecting the personal matters she was navigating.

Her original songs always came from a deep place about what she was feeling or going through. Ten years ago, Angie had written about eight songs when she was going through some personal challenges and felt it was the only way she could express it, but she never shared them because they were too personal to her. The songs were put away and never listened again until 2020. In the summer of 2020, the shutdowns and isolations brought on by the Covid pandemic provided Angie an opportunity to begin performing live via Facebook every Saturday night, acquiring a large social media following.

“It was simply amazing, the fan base that started to follow me and have been supporting me ever since. That year of performing online has been the best experience of my music career, really,” she shared. “I would’ve never had the opportunities I got then without doing the live Facebook performances. I am finally now doing all the things I have dreamt of doing with my music.”

Angie used her social media success in 2020 to kick start her music career. Over the past 18 months Angie has returned to live performances.  Angie is released her debut single "The One I Hold at Night" on November 30, 2022.




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